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An Unforgettable Experience — With an Important Message

The Stand Strength Team provides the most spectacular school assembly program in the nation. The age appropriate assemblies reach today’s youth with a powerful message of anti-bullying, respecting others, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, academic excellence and making the right choices. Stand Strength has been motivating, impacting and educating America’s youth for over 20 years with lasting results.

The Stand Strength show is an unforgettable experience: the stage is transformed into a heart-arresting spectacle of anticipation and excitement. Members of the team smash through large walls of concrete blocks, ice and boards, and so much more!

group-shotHere are some important facts about the Stand Strength Team

How many people see a Stand Strength Team performance in a year?
50,000-100,000. Audiences grows every year.

How many states do you perform in?
Almost all the lower 48.

How many churches and other places do you perform at in a year?
50-100, churches, music festivals, National Guard, special events.

How many miles do you drive in a year?

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