STAND Strength addresses the challenges we feel on a daily basis.

The message of the STAND Strength Team touches audiences across the country. Bullying, peer pressure and feelings of self-worth are the issues that strike a chord with so many in our audiences. Through demonstrations of physical strength, the STAND Strength Team lets every audience member know that each one of them possesses the inner strength to overcome obstacles, stand up to bullies and know that their lives matter.

The team receives numerous letters, endorsements and gratitude from students, parents and school administrators. Read what they have to say about how the Team’s messages affect their choices and outlooks on life.

[STAND Strength Team] is a highly professional and courteous group of individuals. The Louisiana National Guard Child & Youth Program staff appreciates the focus, communication and attention to detail when serving our military kids. Each member of the group brings something different to the table. There are members within the SST that are Cross Fit and Ty Kwon Do instructors, nutritionists and more. The athlete’s feats of strength instantly capture our youth’s attention while promoting their anti-bullying, anti-drugs and alcohol message. They are now rated #1 in the nation for their school assembly programs.download to read full letter

"We have been fortunate to have the Team present at our school twice in the past four years...they were very well received and totally held the attention of our 900 student and staff...the Team customized their message to meet the needs of our school. Issues surrounding drugs, diversity, alcohol or apathy, STAND Strength does a great job of stressing the importance of making good decisions. Organized and willing to meet with the kids. With all of the budget cuts, administrators must make sure they are getting a quality program for the money. At Warren Woods Tower High School, we feel STAND Strength is definitely worth the investment. "- Michael Mackenzie, Assistant Principal, Warren Woods Tower High School

"The Team effectively entertained and, more importantly, conveyed the message of anti-bullying, making the right choices and academic excellence to all grade levels. When students continue to speak excitedly about what they saw, long after the conclusion of the assembly, it speaks volumes about the assembly amid the presenters!"- Principal Betty Wong, Ellington School, Azusa, CA

"The Team's unique method of engaging students through amazing displays of strength captivated their attention. The personal stories of team members were powerful messages to our students on the importance of thoughtful decision-making and determination to succeed any odds."- Principal Robert Mullaney, Millis High School, Millis, MA

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