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Dr. T. A. “Shrek” Nalian, the founder of the Stand Strength Team, has been a motivational speaker for over 25 years.  He has conducted countless public school assemblies and has been a guest speaker for many colleges, universities, businesses, churches,  special interest groups, and prisons.  Multitudes of lives have been impacted and changed by his message!  He believes that every student has more ability, potential, and talent, than they will use in a lifetime.  As a child he was greatly abused at home, and bullied at school.  He understands  that perseverance and hard work can overcome insurmountable odds.  The vision of “Shrek” is to create a better America by reaching the youth of our nation with his “right choice” message!


Bulldog has been a member of Stand Strength for twelve years and has served as Executive Vice President for the past 6 years. He has seen tens of thousands of lives changed by the message he and the team delivers. He meets and hears from kids who feel forgotten or are overwhelmed by bullying.  Those same kids come away from the Stand Strength performance feeling inspired, confident and empowered. Whether it be in the school assemblies, youth camp programs, prisons or youth detention centers,  the message of making the right life choices resonates. Bulldog sums up his commitment to the team’s mission this way: “The testimonies of everyone we meet no matter where they are or what battle they are facing is why we continue to move forward and work to spread our message.”


Animal enjoys the time the Team spends with military families. Kids from military families are often experiencing the separation from a parent who is serving out of state or overseas.  As a salute to the sacrifices they’re making for our military, Animal loves to speak to the children of these families. He and Stand Strength provide them with encouragement and entertainment while delivering a powerful message about making the right choices! Animal is a Three time World Power-Lifting Champion, One time National Power-Lifting Champion,Twenty-one time Michigan State Power-Lifting Champion and a One time Michigan State Arm Wrestling Champion.


Marine knows a lot about facing tough battles. While serving in Bosnia with the Marine Corps, he found himself under the threat of enemy fire on several occasions. It was during those instances that he understood the power of not allowing fear to overtake your thoughts. In order to give yourself the best advantages in life, you have to draw from your inner strength and believe that you have the ability to achieve your goals.  Marine’s ability to bend steel rods is a result of dedication and commitment to attaining his greatest physical strength possible. He had three years of finishing in the top 3 for the Michigan Strongman Contest and won first place in the 2006 Motor City strongest man and was the 2012 Natural Northern Michigan body building champ.

Dave the Destroyer

Known as the Destroyer, Dave has been teaching martial arts for 30 years. A 4th degree black belt in Modern American Tactical Tae Kwon Do and President of Northern Knights Martial Arts Academy. Dave has trained with some of the best World Kick-Boxing Champions. Destroyer utilizes his training to teach today’s youth  how to overcome their fears and life’s struggles by developing their minds and bodies. He teaches young people to be kind and courteous and to help those in need. Using various styles of martial arts, Destroyer also trains young Naval Cadets in hand to hand combat as an Officer with the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps.


Wolverine is the vice president of Northern Knights Martial Arts. He has been training in martial arts for over 20 years. As an instructor, he sees students, both young and old, gain a confidence from their training that spills over to all areas of their lives. He is a member of Strand Strength Team so he can demonstrate this to as many young people as possible. He spreads the message of how discipline, commitment and dedication are what allows you to stand up to your fears and overcome them.

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